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Ultimate HOME BUYER Experience

Most real estate agents are great at delivering high quality customer service. That being said, there’s a massive difference between customer service, and truly delivering the Ultimate Home Buyer Experience.

Ultimate CLIENT Experience

Most agents understand great customer service, but what they don’t understand is the difference between providing great customer service, and truly providing people with the ULTIMATE CLIENT EXPERIENCE. Meeting expectations is no longer enough. Providing great customer service means you are only meeting expectations. You want, and need to exceed expectations as often as humanly possible.

Masters of Real Estate Blogging

The masters of real estate blogging have finally given you a backstage pass to exactly how they get more engagement, clicks, leads, listings, and closing and develop their “raving fan” tribes, in this blog post and video!

Perfect Real Estate Client Newsletter

When sent consistently, the RIGHT real estate client newsletter will add value to, and deepen your relationships with clients, friends, and even family! One of the best ways to activate their ‘Reticular-Activator’, is a newsletter, which connects in ways, and has shelf life that no other medium can.

Real Estate Geo Farming

Geographic or ‘Geo’ farming in real estate is essentially selecting a neighborhood, and marketing that neighborhood consistently. This ensures that you, the real estate agent, will be top of mind when someone decides to buy or sell in that area.

Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent?

Discover the advantages of hiring a buyers agent at Club Wealth®. Find your dream home with the expertise of a skilled buyers agent. Learn why hiring a buyers agent is essential for a successful home search. Unlock the benefits of having a dedicated buyers agent on your side. Navigate the home buying process confidently with Club Wealth®’s buyers agent. Gain a competitive edge in the real estate market by hiring a buyers agent from Club Wealth®. Ensure a smooth and informed home buying journey with Club Wealth®’s experienced buyers agent. Make the most of your home buying experience by partnering with a trusted buyers agent from Club Wealth®. Empower yourself with expert guidance and support from a knowledgeable buyers agent at Club Wealth®. Trust Club Wealth® to provide personalized assistance and valuable insights as you seek your ideal home.

Writing a Strong Real Estate Offer

Writing a strong offer is essential, especially when competing with other offers.

Tired of losing out in multiple-offer situations?
Getting outbid — or worse, out-negotiated?

Weekly Team Meetings

Are yours WEEKLY Team Meetings or WEAK-LY Team Meetings? Are your team meetings profitable? Do they help everyone be more productive? Do they improve team culture? If not, you NEED to keep reading.

Real Estate Daily Team Huddle


The Daily Team Huddle will:
Streamline communications with team members (including the team leader).
Provide daily motivation, training, and accountability.
Who: All team members and lenders attend.
When: 7:30 a.m. (most effective time)
Where: or GoToWebinar

How to Write Real Estate Blogs!

Myth: “Writing blogs for Real Estate is hard, time consuming, and doesn’t work anyway.”

Fact: Consistently writing blogs is easy, quick, and profitable!
No Time
No Content
No System

Completed Staff Work

At times, team members rely on the team leader more often than they should.

When presented with a problem, team members must shoulder the responsibility, attempting to find a solution BEFORE seeking additional input from the team leader.

Massive Real Estate Open House

    Planning a massive real estate open house that will attract 25-150 visitors is easier than you might think. It’s also an affordable AND profitable lead generation source! Open […]

Client Appreciation Event Marketing

    Client appreciation events are one of the most important keys to a successful internal marketing strategy. They should be fun and affordable, and marketing these events should be […]

Money-Making Minute: Lead Follow-Up

Here is a Money-Making Minute with Michael Hellickson on how lead follow-up is directly proportional to your monthly income! Building Lead Generation: WHY? The number of follow-up calls you make has a direct correlation […]

Lead Conversion: Top Producer Success Series 3 of 6

Michael Hellickson was asked by Top Producer to create a six-part series of short videos on the key skills you need to master to become a successful real estate agent! In Part 3 of 6, Coach Michael discusses the importance of Lead Conversion.

Lead Follow Up: Top Producer Success Series Part 2 of 6

Top Producer asked Michael Hellickson to create a six-part series of short videos on the most important aspects of real estate agent success! In Part 2 of 6, Coach Michael talks about LEAD FOLLOW-UPS and what you NEED to do to maximize your income.