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We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your business grow.

What Club Wealth® Members Are Saying


The Club Wealth® Difference

Real estate teams are quickly taking over the industry.
If you’re not either building a team or on a team in the next five years, you will likely struggle to succeed (or even survive) in the industry.
At Club Wealth®, we have dedicated the last THREE DECADES to perfecting the Perfect Team Blueprint so you can skip the learning curve.

More From Our Clients

I spent over 4 years as a coach at Tom Ferry, coaching experienced agents, teams, and broker owners. Club Wealth® has a much better culture. It’s not about the glamor, marketing, or social media. Club Wealth® has actual coaches who are actually producing and growing teams at high levels. Up to 7 tiers. Club Wealth® has a lot more value per your investment in coaching. From longer coaching calls to various mastermind group calls. As one of the coaches with Club Wealth®, I can tell you it’s been amazing working with Michael Hellickson and his team.

Al Villegas

eXp Realty

Club Wealth® is absolutely worth exploring. Take 55 minutes and get a free strategy session. You will make money from that call alone. Best thing about Club Wealth® is that you interview coaches and choose a coach based on your needs and where you want your business to go. You coach with someone who is still producing and produces at a level just a bit higher than you. They have recently been where you are. Club Wealth® helped me go from solo agent to 3 buyer partners and an Admin. ROI is pretty much immeasurable it is so high. I cannot say that about my experience with Maps Coaching. My strategy session with Michael Hellickson put me on path to change my life.

Paul Koerwitz

Koerwitz Real Estate Team LLC

Club Wealth® is a fantastic organization. They have very knowledgeable coaches who are interested in your business, your strengths, overcoming your weaknesses and concerned about helping you build the business you dream about. Do yourself a favor and schedule a one-hour strategy session with them and ask all the questions you want. It is not a sales sessions. It is an example of how you will be coached as they want to learn about you and your business and give you some ideas for moving forward in the industry. For my monthly fee, I get a one-hour session one-on-one with my coach in weeks 1 and 3. In weeks 2 and 4, I have access to a webinar mastermind hosted by Michael himself and other coaches dealing with the issues of people in similar situations.

I can also text or call my coach if questions come up at any time. He typically responds within 1-3 hours most of the time. As a Club Wealth® member, I get discounted rates on the events Club Wealth® puts on during the year and they put on fantastic events with a lot of great info! When I transitioned to real estate full time, I totally freaked out and shut down emotionally. Coach Ron Anderson was so patient with me and pushed me just how I needed to be pushed at that time to get my confidence level up. I have already tripled my GCI in 6 months as a full-time agent as I did all last year as a part-time agent. So, since I’m moving forward, I expect to see a significant further increase in my income this year. I probably would have been one of those agents who quit without the support of Club Wealth® and my coach. I am a huge believer in getting someone to push you and hold you accountable and Club Wealth® does that with excellence. Call and get their free one-hour strategy session scheduled. It is NOT a hard sell hour. They will ask you about your business and what you want to do with it and give you some ideas all for free. If you find value in that one hour (and I expect that you will) you can then talk to them about the costs and how it will fit in your budget.

Lisa Ellis

Keller Williams Realty

Club Wealth® has changed my life and my business in dramatic ways. In 10 short months, I’ve gone from an overworked solo agent to a very successful team leader with 6 agents, 4 admins. I’ve tripled my income and have more business than I know what to do with. I’m no longer working long hours, I spend more quality time with my family and I’m truly living the life of my dreams! Club Wealth® is not just coaching, it’s family. If you’re looking for a place to DREAM BIG and achieve MASSIVE SUCCESS, Club Wealth® is a breeding ground for achieving success. I no longer feel alone in my business, I’m surrounded by other Club Wealth® members who are crushing it in real estate and honestly they all care about each other’s success! When choosing a coach, make sure you choose one that covers all aspects of your business, not just parts of it. I remember not so long ago feeling overwhelmed at the thought of choosing one, so glad I chose the right one!

Misti Bruton

AVO Realty

I have done coaching with Proctor, both Ferrys and others…. Club Wealth® is the best coaching platform by far!

Derrick Jackson

HomeSmart Connect

I’ve coached with a couple companies. Personally Club Wealth® has been the best fit for me. I recommend a free strategy session with Michael Hellickson, which you will find to be focused on you and pressure free. I attended an event in March. World Class. No one ever asked me or tried to sell me coaching. And the training was solid. They have tools and processes in place and understand ROI. And members are easy to talk to and highly successful with the program in a short period of time. It’s made a huge difference for me, personally and professionally and I’m just getting started.

Amy Izzo

Rossi & Taylor Realty

I’ve coached with a few different companies and hands down Club Wealth® is the best out there. I left other coaching programs feelings like I wasted a lot of time and money, but not Club Wealth®. I feel I get more out of 1 coaching call with them than I did in a year with the other guys.

DC Turner

Blackjack Realty

Try Club Wealth® if you’re looking to work on your business vs. inside of it.

Mike Cuevas

Real Estate Marketing Dude

For team building, I have to go with Michael Hellickson, he’s been very, very good! His morning huddles changed my team dynamic!

Tristan Ahumada

Keller Williams

I switched brokerages at the beginning of 2017 and started my own team. This month (July) I will surpass my 2016 production and I have 5 months left in the year! For me the biggest game changer has been coaching with Club Wealth®. I started coaching in January and it has forever changed the way I run my business. I am so grateful for my call with Michael Hellickson in January.

Christy Horne

All City Real Estate, Ltd. Co.

If you are looking to build a team the right way, and become a better leader, I would suggest looking into Club Wealth® Coaching. We currently coach with them and they took us from feeling unsure about how to build a team, to having a growing team with 7 buyers agents. They give us the guidance tools, and one-on-one coaching so we can grow faster than we would have been in our own. We doubled our business within a short amount of time coaching with Club Wealth®.

Sandy Stites

Coldwell Banker

So, have you heard of Club Wealth®? We started with a 3 person team, and now our team of 12 is crushing it. Club Wealth® Coaching is a group of people that provide an all hands on deck approach to helping you achieve what you are capable of. Be coached by someone who is actively in production who is walking the walk.

Rick Raanes

The Rockstar Group

I have done coaching with Craig Proctor, a couple smaller coaches and have also done a few coaching boot camps with people like Joshua Smith, but have never seen as much growth in my business until I started coaching with Club Wealth®. The great part about Club Wealth® is they do not have a copy and paste style of coaching. At Club Wealth® they work on what your business needs at the moment. Once you get that down, they move on to the next and within a few months I saw massive growth not only in my confidence but in my bank account and business. Michael Hellickson and Club Wealth® have an amazing support system and does everything World Class! You have to at a minimum, get on the phone with someone at Club Wealth® and get a free 1 hour coaching call.

Garrett Pancheri

Team One Group Real Estate

I just want to say that if you are not on a team and are trying to do everything on your own you are wasting your time by not having a coach. I have been involved in this business for a LONG time. I have had various coaches including Mike Ferry and I have followed Craig Proctor. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Michael Hellickson and his Club Wealth® team. Let me tell you Mike Ferry is all about Mike Ferry, Craig Proctor has some excellent ideas but does not have enough time for YOU. Michael Hellickson is all about you and what he can do to get you to the next level. He does not have attitude, he is honest, he will tell you what will and won’t work for you. I was doing some things I thought I should be doing because the “big agents” were doing it. He told me I wasn’t at that point yet and to save my money. He works with the brand new agents and the ones making 7 figures in GCI. He treats us all the same. He has respect for everyone. He and his team work TOGETHER, there is not one person who is better than the next. We each have our own values and we each have our own jobs.

Cathy Daniels

Bay to Bay Homes and land at Calbay Realty

Mike Hellickson is very smart, he is a genius in the real estate industry and he knows what he is talking about, he is an expert.

Ali Romero

I have known Michael Hellickson for about three years now and am glad I met him when I did. Due to his contacts and introducing me to the right people I have been successful in obtaining REO accounts from multiple companies in Arizona and Nevada. As a result of my relationship with him I have made and will make hundreds of thousands of dollars more than I would have, had I not been associated with him. He is a networking machine and has the tools and experience to help anyone succeed in this business.

Corey Geib

#1 RE/MAX Team Worldwide 5 years in a row!

In my search, I wanted a partner in my business and not just a strategy session coach. We ran across Club Wealth® in Lab Coat Agents Facebook Group. His instinct coming from contribution was just the shot in the arm we needed. The conversations are outstanding!

Rick Raanes

Texas RockStar Group

I was going to do coaching with Buffini before discovering Club Wealth®. The biggest reason I went with Club Wealth® is you are coached by someone actively participating in real estate one level above you. They have been in the trenches and know first hand what you are experiencing. Also, they are not one dimensional in their coaching – they definitely push building a business by referral but they are also equipped to help with farming, internet leads, expireds, everything…it’s not a one size fits all. It has been life changing!

Christy Horne

All City Real Estate, Ltd. Co.

Club Wealth® is great if you want to take your business from the level of just yourself to building a team. They are also great if you have a team that you want to run more efficiently.

Bryce Edwards


Michael Hellickson is one of the most creative and driven minds in the real estate industry. His passion, focus, and ethics make him a natural to guide real estate professionals to amazing growth in their business! Running your business like a S.H.A.R.P. CEO™ is one of the most important concepts a real estate professional can learn…and I can think of no one better to teach this than Michael Hellickson and his Club Wealth® team.

Jesse Zagorsky

Live, Love San Diego Homes

Thank you Michael for helping me move to the next level so quickly. The best part is your coaching is based on your real life tremendous success in real estate which you are sharing with Club Wealth® students. I’m getting far more benefits by joining Club Wealth®. I would highly recommend Club Wealth® to anyone who wants great success in their real estate.

Blaison Samuel

Prudential California Realty

I love the systems, principles and everything about being a Club Wealth® student. So much more balance in my life.

Adam Yera

The Live Houston Team

Michael Hellickson has been an enormous help to me. Only in business for 3.5 years and have a team of 4 with the help of Club Wealth®. He has guided me step by step along the way, wonderful team!

Kathleen Beasley

Charles Rutenberg Realty

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Michael Hellickson speak at the Five Star Short Sale conference in Las Vegas. I was blown away by the abundance of information he so impressively covered during his presentation. I’ve been to a number of conferences in my professional career, but can honestly say that Michael’s approach is the best by far. I can also thank Michael for the quantities of contacts he has so willingly sent my way. Having just started my own Real Estate Company last year, it was crucial that I surrounded myself with the best in the industry in order to succeed. I would like to personally thank Michael for everything he has taught me thus far, and I can’t wait for the ways in which he will motivate me in the future.

Kristi Locks

Avanti Real Estate

Michael is a true visionary within the industry. My implementation of his coaching ideas has paid handsome dividends for my team. In the last 2 months, I have been able to average almost 30 transactions and I know a large part of that is because we have incorporated his systematic approach into our business model. Numbers don’t lie, if you are looking for a coach and system that will have a real impact on your year end goals, then Michael is your man.

Nick Shivers

Principal Broker, President, WestOne Properties Group

Club Wealth® Provides top notch coaching as so many others have said. Just give them a shot in a free consultation session and see FOR YOURSELF why Club Wealth® is so worth it!

Nate Astrup

Keller Williams

I have gained 3 NEW REO Accounts since hearing Michael speak just 2 months ago. The strategies I learned from Michael have helped me tremendously in my business! Thanks Mike for sharing your ideas and strategies.

David Golden

REO/Short Sale Specialist, DSPros.com National Director

What a treat it is to hear Michael speak! His insights, knowledge of the industry, and dynamic presentation style are among the many reasons we have chosen him as a speaker at our events. You will be blown away by the golden nuggets of information you will glean each and every time you attend one of his events!

Effie Booker-Dennison

Senior Director REO Services , CoreLogic

When I decided to build my short sale business I looked around the country and saw Michael Hellickson was closing more short sales than anyone else. I flew out to see him and he gave me pointers from how to staff and how to pay folks, to turning me on to some great lead sources for sellers.

Leo Pareja

#1 Keller Williams Agent Nationwide

Michael’s coaching, training and mind blowing principles are exactly what this industry needs! I turn to Michael for advice and coaching on a variety of topics including short sales, finding buyers for assets, training agents and dealing with homeowners! I am always amazed at the depth of information and ideas I come away with when I attend one of Michael’s events! In fact, we at Keystone feel so strongly about Michael and his presentation skills, we’ve even had him as our keynote speaker at our annual conference!

Thomas Driver

Senior Vice President of Operations, Keystone Best Asset Management

I am looking forward to Club Wealth® coaching to help and develop the discipline to take my business to a whole new level. This year, two colleagues and I formed a team in which we all share equally in everything. We have already seen the benefits of joining forces to capitalize on our skills, strengths, and creativity. We will very likely need to hire an assistant by next year. We are going somewhat against conventional wisdom in the way we have structured the team, but we have a very new and different business model that I believe will be successful and gratifying. What we lack are some of the tools and the discipline to get the tractions we need. I believe that Club Wealth® coaching will help us achieve that.

Renee Frank

MBA, Realtor®, EcoBroker®, ePro® , Steinborn & Associates Real Estate

Michael is a phenomenal coach. The best by far compared to other coaches. Finally, my business has a direction, it is growing, and my costs are under control. My production has increased significantly. Thank you, Michael!

Saul Zenkevicius

President and Principal Broker , Goodwill Realty Group - ClubWealth® S.H.A.R.P. CEO™ Client

Michael Hellickson is one of the most driven and ambitious people I know. He is passionate about making his mark in the real estate business and is running a well-oiled machine in the state of Washington! He is especially a master at working the short sale and foreclosure business. I consider him, not only a friend but a valuable resource for cutting edge real estate ideas.

Jo Ellen Nash

Luxury Real Estate Broker – President, Nash and Company

Michael, I wanted to thank you today for your time on the VA assistance. Also, I wanted to let you know that your time at the Note Worthy Conference was a real eye-opener and your presentation was by far, the most lively and interesting to experience. I feel your product/service is extremely helpful and conducive to our current national economic landscape (as a business owner) and I hope to see you again (representing your company) at next years Note Worth conference. I cannot wait to work with you and your outfit. Speak to you soon.

Abby J. Shemesh

Acquisitions Director | Managing Partner , Amerinote | Xchange, LLC

I own and operate a large Century21 brokerage in northern California as well as leading my own real estate team. I have been exposed to many of the “coaches” and “trainers” in the real estate industry, and I can tell you, Michael Hellickson walks the walk. He is much more than just an entertaining speaker and a powerful coach, he is an active Broker. Michael is a straight shooter that doesn’t pull punches or hold back. As a coach, he’ll hold you and every member of your team or brokerage accountable to lofty goals he’ll help you set. He’ll help you develop and implement systems and processes, hire, train and retain staff and agents, and guide you through what it takes to become a top producing agent, brokerage or team! He’ll share what made him successful, and more importantly share with you in detail the mistakes he’s made so you can avoid them. I am excited to hear that he will be presenting at the Century 21 International Convention in Las Vegas, and would recommend his classes to everyone at the conference. I recommend taking his class and coming ready to learn. We are Michael’s Club Wealth® coaching client and have been happy with our decision to work with Michael.

David Tran

Broker/Owner , CENTURY21 Landmark Network

I knew from the first call that this coaching would be different. I’ve been through other real estate coaching organizations and interviewed several others before selecting Club Wealth® Coaching. I must say that my coach’s action plan from day one was exactly what I needed, but what was great is that she discussed with me my current business, last year’s numbers and focus points, and then tailored the action plan according to this information. I mention this because I’ve experienced that with other coaching company’s, they often have and ‘Agenda’ that they want their coaches to push out, but they forget that each client is unique and that their business may not be focusing on that aspect/topic.

My Club Wealth® Coach was able to help me prioritize my direction of energy and work while letting me know where and why we were doing so…with a direction and future steps laid out. She is always punctual and makes it a point to expect the same, yet remains available outside of those scheduled calls for continued help.

Robert M. Van Der Goes

Broker/Owner, Robert M. Van Der Goes & Associates

1 On 1 Coaching

Club Wealth® provides five levels of 1 on 1 coaching targeted specifically to your current production levels and aspirations.

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A 2-day experiential event that’s a part conference, part mastermind. We’ve even included our Buyer Agent Boot Camp™ Experience exclusively for buyers agents!

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An EXCLUSIVE 4-day event is full of Masterminding and Networking with top agents in the country. Enjoy growing your business while taking a break and relaxing! Only available to those in Tier 3 or higher.

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