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Club Wealth®
Michael Hellickson

Meet Michael Hellickson, Club Wealth® CEO—an extraordinary real estate achiever.

He once sold over 100 homes monthly and handled 750 active listings, propelling him to the top 1% of agents nationwide right after high school.

Michael Hellickson

Founder / CEO

Meet Michael Hellickson – real estate extraordinaire, selling over 100 homes/month and carrying 750 active and pending listings at one point. Graduating high school, he was already in the top 1% of agents nationwide. As a short sale expert, Michael has spoken to thousands and featured on national TV and radio programs.

Founder of Club Wealth® Coaching and Consulting, Michael ensures each coach has sold more real estate than those they coach. Offering a unique “Double Your Income or Your Money Back” guarantee, Club Wealth® is the #1 coaching company for real estate teams worldwide.

Michael’s journey began with a two-year mission in Germany for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Now, he resides in Bonney Lake, Washington with his wife Tara and children Austin and Madison, along with their two English Pointers, Ginger and Ruby.

I have over 20 years of real estate experience, and built the Worlds most successful real estate team, generally listing and selling  over 120-180 closing per month, 750+ active and pending lists in a given time.

I’ve coached 60 of the top 200 teams in the Nation.

I care deeply about each one of my clients, understand what they are going through, and am intimately acquainted with their teams.

Team Leader wanting to grow from 6 to 7 figures, or from low to mid 7 figures while working less.

Because we are a private, exclusive Club, and we only accept members who are willing to help everyone around them, share their best ideas, and lead by example.

Unlike every other coaching company, ClubWealth® is bigger than any one person. There is no room for ego here.

Our coaches and clients are the very best in the industry, and NO ONE has listed or sold more homes than the leadership members of ClubWealth®… NO ONE. The best way to earn 7 figures working 12 days a month, is to learn from someone who has accomplished that, consistently, over a long period of time.

We will not only tell you how to succeed, we’ll show you. Then, we’ll take it another step further and do much of it for you.

Not sure how to train your buyers agents?… let us do it for you.

Struggling to create a system to hire, train, and retain the best administrative team?… we’ll do that too!

No matter where you are in your business, we know how to get you to the next level, because WE’VE BEEN THERE!

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My Story
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