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The How

Real Estate Coaching

Michael became obsessed with real estate. Despite his teachers' advice, he dropped out of school when he realized he had the potential to make more money in a month than they did in a year. He pursued real estate full-time and eventually became the nation's Top Producer, inspiring others to follow their passion through real estate.


Help Top Producers get out of the day-to-day grind and live a life worth living working 12 days a month on their business

Eagles don't flock with turkeys - Don't be a turkey be and eagle

The What

The Truth

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about how and why Tara and I sold our real estate business and retired from the sales side of the industry. To help you understand exactly what happened, and why, we felt it necessary to post this page. Most importantly, we hope that learning about our journey through the refiner’s fire will help you avoid having to go through similar challenges in your real estate business.

Eagles don't flock with turkeys - Don't be a turkey be and eagle


My Life in a Nutshell

I was recently asked to provide a page on my “Life Story” in nutshell. Admittedly, I felt awkward about this, as at first it felt very self-centered. The people encouraging me to post it suggested that it would help other agents in their journey to success, and might even help some connect with me on a deeper level. Reluctantly, I agreed, so here goes… That being said, from birth to present, this video essentially outlines the highlights of my life (professionally mostly), and how I got to where I am today. You may be surprised at how my career path began as a youth mowing lawns and employing over 20 neighborhood kids before I was 16 years old! You may also find it interesting that my first business failure happened that same year, and became a springboard for my career in real estate, and my life as a whole! Believe me, if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! Success awaits you… TAKE IT… IT’S YOURS!


My outside of club wealth

My life outside of ClubWealth® consists of spending time with my family and fulfilling church callings. As a family, we love to do all kinds of things together, especially in the outdoors. When Tara (my wonderful wife) and I get time alone, we visit the LDS Temple in Bellevue WA, double date with friends, or simply stay home and cuddle as we watch TV. Madison (our daughter) LOVES to snuggle with dad while watching movies, and after learning to ski, has (thankfully) become an avid snowboarder like her brother Austin. Our favorite places to visit are Maui HI, Anywhere in Europe, and Leavenworth WA (a Bavarian village nestled in the Washington State “Alps”). We have been blessed in recent years to enjoy long trips to Europe, and over 91 days travelling the US in our motor-home. Austin shares his dad’s love of the outdoors, as evidenced by his wardrobe consisting primarily of camouflage and fluorescent orange. An avid fisherman, he prefers bait-casting, but will condescend himself to fly fish with dad once in a while.