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Club Wealth® AIM

Automation Integration Migration (AIM) is designed to help our clients understand a little bit about what AIM does. It explains a little about the various automated action plans, CRM assistance, and GLSA. To give you a comprehensive insight into what AIM does you can log in to your Clubwealth Account and go to AIM services

Automation Integration Migration (AIM)

Our Services:

  • Automated Plans: We craft customized automated plans within your CRM, enabling you to effortlessly connect with clients and leads.
  • Website Design: Utilizing the information you provide, we design and optimize your website through your chosen CRM platform.
  • Custom Automation: Need tailored automation solutions? Our experts are here to help at a reasonable rate of $150 per hour.
  • Smooth Data Migration: Transitioning CRMs has never been easier. We expertly migrate your valuable data between platforms.
  • Effortless Integration: We seamlessly integrate lead sources into your CRM, eliminating the need for manual input.

  • Lead Source Setup: We establish new lead sources, amplifying your reach and potential client base.

  • Google Ads and GMB Setup: Our services extend to setting up Google Local Service Ads and Google My Business pages.

Discover the Power of AIM Services

At AIM, we specialize in streamlining and enhancing your client interactions, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of potential clients’ minds. Our comprehensive services are designed to empower your CRM usage and elevate your business operations.

Experience streamlined processes, enhanced client engagement, and improved business efficiency with AIM services. Unlock the true potential of your CRM with our expert guidance.


Automation Integration Migration (AIM)

The AIM Team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible!

Basic Automation
$ 997 
  • 970-Day New Leads Plan* [Auto Texts, Video Texts, Auto Emails, VM Drops]
  • Follow Up Hot Leads Plan – 0-6 Months* [Auto Texts, Auto Emails, VM Drops]
  • Follow Up Cold Leads Plan – 6-12 Months* [Auto Texts, Auto Emails, VM Drops]
  • All plans split into Generic, Buyer, and Seller variants
  • One 30 minute discovery call included
  • One 30 minute “How-to” call included
  • **All automation is dependent upon CRM functionality. Call 253-215-8554 for more info!

Additional Automated Campaigns

  • FSBO Cold Call and Follow Up Campaign
  • Post Closing Drip
  • Nurture Campaign
  • Re-engagement Campaign
  • Licensed and Unlicensed Recruiting Campaign
  • Sphere of Influence Campaign
  • Bad Info Campaign
  • Z-Buyer Campaign
  • Leads like candy
  • Home Valuation
  • Instant cash offer
  • Seller leads
  • Buyer leads
  • Buyer – No response
  • Buyer – Requested Showing
  • Buyer – Just Looking
  • Buyer – Need Financing
  • Needs Attention
Google Local Service Ad Set Up
$ 997
  • We set up your Google LSA Profile (includes uploading headshot, Real Estate license, proof of insurance, and Real Estate Agent profile, creating a customer review link, optimizing your bidding and budget, and walkthrough of billing)
  • Optimize local search results in your favor (targets key areas near you and Geo-tags your photos to your service area)
  • Save you time, energy, and effort by using our extensive knowledge of the process
  • Advise you about what needs to be done for your GLSA after we have handed the reigns back to you for the highest chance of continued success


Additional GLSA Services

$147 Each

  • Setup Callingly/AnswerConnect (or other answering services) to ensure no clients slip through the cracks.


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