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Club Wealth® Group Coaching™

Ready to make up to $100,000 in real estate commissions? Join Club Wealth® Group Coaching™ today to gain instant access to our Members-Only Mastermind sessions, where we share effective strategies, scripts, marketing samples, planning documents, checklists, systems, and more! We’ll answer your questions during our LIVE Masterminds, so you can instantly implement successful strategies and make more money in less time!

Who Is Group Coaching

The Club Wealth Blueprint is the fundamental building block of a successful real estate business. In Club Wealth Group Coaching, we take you stage-by-stage through the Blueprint over the course of a year to help you build your powerhouse real estate business.

No matter what your production or position on the team, this is the place for you. We meet for one hour once a week. During the first half-hour, we tackle one Blueprint principle and the systems related to it. In the second half-hour we mastermind, collaborating on how we can build and grow together.

Dozens of Club Wealth coaches and clients join each call and share their hard-earned knowledge, granting you a comprehensive source of fresh information and ensuring you stay ahead of the competition in terms of technology, systems, and techniques. For $97 a month, there’s no better way to learn from others how to set yourself on the path to long-term growth and success.

Club Wealth Group Coaching can be career-defining. See why today.

Some topics we'll cover include:

$ 97 / month

How to Go From Zero to Hero in less than 12 Months? How to Make up to $100,000 in your FIRST YEAR of Real Estate Which Online Lead Sources Give You INSTANT Buyer and Seller Leads? How to Guarantee your Success with our Perfect Daily Schedule System? Sales Language Techniques that Compel Prospects to Work with You! How to Get a Steady Stream of Clients for $25 per month or LESS?

Club Wealth® Group Coaching™ will help you

Learn to implement the fundamental systems and processes you need to scale into a successful real estate career!

Develop a strong network with other real estate agents and coaches to learn from and grow with!

Learn how to implement the habits and mindsets that make you successful as a real estate agent, and successful as a person!

Gain access to recordings of the Group Coaching sessions, use of our Stat Tracker software, and courses on various topics!

If you are ready to gain more clients & grow
your business, join our weekly calls!

Examples of some of the lead sources & topics we cover in detail include

  • Social Media
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Geo-Farming
  • Review Sites
  • FSBOs
  • EXPDs
  • NODs
  • Referral Fee Based Leads
  • Agent to Agent Referrals
  • Community & Client Events
  • Hiring Assistants
  • CRMs
  • Perfect Daily Schedules
  • Door Knocking
  • Circle Prospecting
  • Consumer Seminars

Your Club Wealth® Group Coaching™ Instructors

Real Estate Agent with The Moore Team at Exp Realty,
Coach Shar is dedicated to helping you reach new
Meet Rob Aponte, a dedicated real estate coach at Club
As a new REALTOR®, his initial focus was on “just”