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Club Wealth® Coaches

At Club Wealth®, we have dedicated the last THREE DECADES to perfecting the Perfect Team Blueprint so you can shortcut the learning curve.

Club Wealth® provides five levels of 1 on 1 coaching targeted specifically to your current production levels and aspirations.

Melanie Vanderzand

Tier One Coach

Wife and mother of two amazing girls, I have run a successful real estate business for 14 years and am part owner of a thriving real estate brokerage.

Professionally, I have earned many real estate awards and have been fortunate to receive glowing accolades from many clients I’ve worked with through the years.

I take a modern approach to real estate by offering a completely tailored real estate experience.  My goal is to combine my experience and passion to inspire results through a personalized and friendly approach.  The foundation of our mutual success is built on these principles.

Personally, I have a passion for helping the community.  I volunteer at local schools to teach youth about empowering their mindset to achieve their life’s desires.  In addition, I help an organization in the Bahamas to help relocate street dogs to loving homes across Canada.

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Why I am Qualified to be Your Coach...

I have a deep understanding of the real estate industry and the skills required to succeed. With experience in coaching and mentoring, I can help you develop effective strategies to increase productivity and overcome challenges.

My excellent communication and interpersonal skills make me a successful coach who can motivate and inspire you to reach your full potential.

My Perfect Client

My perfect real estate coaching client is someone who is motivated and has a strong desire to succeed in the industry

Why Choose Club Wealth®?

Club Wealth® has a proven track record of success, with a team of experienced coaches who have helped countless real estate agents achieve their goals

Fun Fact

Club Wealth has a proven track record of success, with a team of experienced coaches who have helped countless real estate agents achieve their goals.

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