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If You Don’t Have A Real Estate Agent Assistant, YOU ARE ONE!

Without a real estate agent assistant, you are doomed to long hours doing tasks you hate and that someone else should be doing for you; you will also be making far less than you should make!

With a real estate agent assistant, you will have the ability to enjoy fewer working hours while focusing on the things you love to do and making more money than you ever dreamed possible.
Hiring a real estate assistant is a key factor in starting the climb to become a team leader. There are tons of  benefits to having an assistant. We give you a step-by-step guide on how to hire a ROCKSTAR assistant in the video below!

Real Estate Coach Michael Hellickson was once told “If you don’t have an assistant, YOU ARE ONE!” Here at Club Wealth®, we believe this. Your time is valuable. Michael explains how you can hire your first or next ROCKSTAR assistant, and how much it will impact you IN A GOOD WAY.



There are many benefits to having an assistant: foremost, their job is to make your job easier! Having an assistant gives you peace of mind and raises your quality of life. Offloading things you don’t like or aren’t great at is a simple way for you to reduce your stress.


)Having an assistant also creates a better customer experience, as your assistant takes the load off of you so you can better focus on the client at hand. There will also be fewer errors and more space to complete tasks on time and correctly for clients. 


Hiring an assistant will ultimately put more money in your pocket! Offloading administrative tasks and things that take up your valuable time will ultimately increase your dollars per hour, so you can be working ON the business and not IN the business.


You have to have the RIGHT assistant, someone who loves what they do AND wants what is best for the business at all times.


Types of Assistants


There are many types of administrative assistants. For most people their first assistant will cover multiple roles. As you and your business grow, you will hire more assistants and each will have more refined roles.


Administrative Assistants


Executive Assistant

Listing Coordinator

Transaction Coordinator

Short Sale Negotiator

Marketing Assistant


There are also REO-specific assistants and ISAs (Inside Sales Agents) that will eventually be a crucial part of your business. All of these positions are important, and as you grow your business you will want your team working together very well, which is why it is crucial to pick the RIGHT assistant!


How to Hire


At one point in Coach Michael Hellickson’s real estate career he ran a team of 44 employees. He has perfected the system for hiring the PERFECT assistant(s). Here are some of the steps:


(Use one of our lead magnet ads in the FREE DOWNLOAD on this page)


  • Write an ad – and include pictures, they help!
  • Place Ads on Craigslist
  • Place Indeed.com Ad
  • Post on LinkedIn
  • Post on Facebook
  • Ask your broker for a referral!
  • Email Agents in MLS
  • Set up a group interview (DON’T tell them!)

                                                  The Group Interview

The group interview is critical, bringing different personalities into one room so you can see who will shine when the pressure is on!


Another reason for a group interview is to save time. In individual interviews you tell each person the SAME things about the company, the compensation, the job, the culture, and more. The group interview gives you the opportunity to tell all candidates at once about the company, its backstory, what the team does, the job description, hours, and compensation.


Immediately following the group interview, you will give the people who you feel will fit the best a five-minute, one-on-one interview. From there you will invite the best candidates to a second, longer one-on-one interview, to be held on a later date.


Upon completion of the second interview, you can then decide who you would like to hire. Here at Club Wealth® we have each person on our team interview the chosen candidate before hiring that person. This is important! Team culture is everything, and making sure the culture will go uninterrupted by hiring this next team member is crucial.


BONUS: For Club Wealth® Members only: As a Club Wealth® Member, you are entitled to have your coach perform the final interview for you! This ensures the person you hire will be right in the best ways for your business.


As an additional bonus for Club Wealth® Members, ask your coach for sample employment agreements. We recommend this, to ensure that you and your new real estate agent assistant have no unnecessary disputes before the assistant even begins working with your team.



The download for this blog (form above) includes all the extras! We have questions for you to ask in one-on-one interviews, sample hiring ads, information on how to pay your assistant, AND job descriptions for each different type of assistant! Download above!




  1. Amanda

    I love the part of your interview process that involves the rest of the team, working with Club Wealth has shown me what a strong team culture this can help cultivate.

    • Michael Hellickson

      Thanks for the comment Amanda! I love hearing that from the perspective of someone who we recently hired to be a part of the Club Wealth Team, as it shows that the process is working well!

      I’m curious, what initially attracted you to the team? (This may help agents post ads that attract the right kind of applicants)

  2. Sam Galloway

    I agree with this.. An assistant can greatly help your business.

  3. Benson Brown

    This is an amazing coaching group, they are truthfully.. World Class. I love working smarter and not harder and my Team is absolute benefiting from this type of mentoring.


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