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Real Estate Teams

Real Estate Teams
Whether you are a team leader or team member, working in or on a team is important to competing in the current marketplace and will continue to become more important.

How to Triple Your Income in 89 Days

How to Triple Your Income in 89 Days
By Club Wealth | Club Wealth Blog
Q: Is it Really Possible to Triple Your Income in 89 Days?
A: Yes! It is possible! Every real estate agent achieves this in different ways, depending on where you’re at in business. Regardless of your current level in the real estate business, there are simple steps every agent can take to triple their net income in 89 days.

Personal Notes

When was the last time that you received a handwritten note from someone? Do you remember how you felt when you opened that personal note? The warm fuzzy feeling from knowing that someone took special time from their day to write to you. You know that person cared.

Listing Presentation

Coach Michael was asked to explain what the 44-point listing appointment checklist is and how YOU can implement it in to your business and achieve success in your listing appointments!

Building Your REO Dream Team

What does this mean?

As an REO Agent, successfully running your business is important to you and your clients. In the course of your time as an REO Agent, 99.9% of you will neglect the retail side of your REO business.

Understanding a Short Sale

In real estate, our entire world depends on transactions; transactions between buyers, sellers, and lenders. A short sale is one type of those transactions.

Despite the name, short sales are neither short nor simple.

Network Like A Professional

How would you like to earn an extra $50,000 a year just at events?

It sounds impossible, but fear not, It’s definitely possible! Just ask Club Wealth Coach, Aimee Freeman. She received 30 referrals that closed in one year all from networking. Imagine if you received two referrals from one networking event. The commissions you’d earn would most likely cover your costs for attending the event – and then some! While there are some people who were born to network, you know, those people who say, “I’ve never met a stranger”, for many of us, networking can pose a challenge.

Celebrate the Client: Social Media in Real Estate

How can I most effectively celebrate my client, win referrals, and at once serve my business interests? Club Wealth® coaches, agents representing brands and teams such as eXp Realty, Keller Williams, ReMax, and Compass, those associated with Tom Ferry, Mike Ferry, and Eric Hatch, and those generally interested in or associated with real estate sales nationwide, are asking this question and awaiting a comprehensive answer.

Referrals: Top Producer Success Series Part 4 of 6

You’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to go solo in your real estate business. Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment that comes with a lot of freedom—but also a lot of responsibility.