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Myth: “Writing blogs for Real Estate is hard, time consuming, and doesn’t work anyway.”

Fact: Consistently writing blogs is easy, quick, and profitable!


  1. No Time
  2. No Content
  3. No System

    But it can be easy! Michael Hellickson gives you the step-by-step guide to creating great blogs and engaging with more people online!

Where Do I Start?

    1. Ideally putting out a blog 1-6 times a month is best! Getting one blog out a week is a good goal to have, but working up to that can also be just as effective. Having more than six is unnecessary.

    2. Terrific blogs often fall between 400 and 1,000  words. Under 400 is too short to get your point across and to achieve SEO value. Over 1,000 words will bore your reader and is likely to not be read all the way through

    3. Write RELEVANT content. This blog is a reflection of you and your voice, remember that!

    4. Include a video! This may sound like a chore, but if you follow our three steps, you will knock it out in no time. Include a video as often as possible: videos allow you to connect with your site’s visitors in a different way. They get to see you and feel like they are actually interacting with you. Oh, and videos are awesome for SEO!

    5. Have a comments section. Encourage your readers to share their thoughts and engage with you and your team members. Get your friends and family to comment – more comments show your audience there are a lot of people engaged in the conversation surrounding the topic (also an SEO plus)!


6. Make sure your website and blog page are RESPONSIVE! This means that your website can be viewed on cell phones, tablets, and computer monitors and that it looks great on each!


Creating Content

I know you are still wondering, “Where do I get content ideas, and what do I write about?”

Gather Ideas
Bulletpoint Outline

    1. Gather ideas for the blog. Understand potential topics and what good topics look like. There are tons of resources to find these!! Easy Agent Pro and Keeping Current Matters are two great places to find good topics and ideas.

    Easy Agent Pro is GREAT at SEO and blogging. If you decide to work with them, they will give you great content; the only thing you have to do is make it yours! (NEVER merely copy and paste ANY content, as that is plagiarism and it will sink you in the search engines!)  

    You can also provide answers to Zillow questions. These address topics in which many people are looking for answers. Another place to find great topics and feedback from fellow agents is the Club Wealth Real Estate Agent Mastermind Facebook Group.

    2. Bulletpoints. Now that we have the topic, wherever you may have found it, go through that topic or blog and write your own summarized bullets. Make it short and you will only need to write down 1-2 bullets per paragraph.

    3. WRITE/RECORD! You are now going to write your blog and/or record a video with the bullet points you just finished writing. You need to keep it super simple. All you have to do is talk about the bullet points, as if you are explaining this topic to a friend. If you have an assistant, this is your lucky day! After you record the video, you can hand it off and ask your assistant to write a blog based on your video. Now that blog will be in your own words and you have great content!

    Having your videos look professional – with good audio and video quality – is a must. You don’t need 4k, but you do need something that people can watch and listen to easily.

Download the checklist for more suggestions on where to get content and how to turn it into unique blog posts!


Bll Gassett – Massachusetts

Bill Gassett is one of the top RE/MAX agents in New England.

He chooses topics that his consumers WANT to read! Our favorite of his blogs is “Questions to Ask a Listing Agent at an Open House.” It gives the reader some great questions and explains WHY you should be asking those questions. You’ll notice he also does a great job of being thorough: his blogs average a word count of around 2,100!

Here is a link to his Real Estate Blogcheck it out!


Kyle Hiscock – New York

Kyle Hiscock is a top agent in the Rochester, NY, area; he is part of the Keith Hiscock Sold Team!

He is doing a FANTASTIC job at providing consumers with tips and tricks to save time AND money. Our favorite blog of Kyle’s is “Buying a Home Versus Buying a Condo.” The post gives his consumers some ideas as to what they should think about before purchasing.

Here is a link to his Real Estate Blog. Check it out!

Tyler Zey – Easy Agent Pro

Tyler Zey runs Easy Agent Pro (marketing for real estate agents), and he is KILLING it.

He provides real estate agents with content ideas, marketing tips, and much more. Our favorite blog of Tyler’s is “40 Facebook Marketing Ideas For The Modern Agent.”  This blog is very organized and includes some great tips for agents.

Here is a link to Easy Agent Pro’s Blog; check it out!

Nicole Smith – Texas

Nicole Smith is a Broker/Associate with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty.

She provides tips, tricks, and home advice. Our favorite blog of Nicole’s is “5 Steps to Ease Home Buying Stress and Anxiety.” This blog is perfect for consumers going through the buying process!

Here is a link to Nicole’s Real Estate Blog. Go check it out!

Melanie Ventura – California

Melanie Ventura is a Real Estate Agent with Better Homes and Gardens, Ventura Barnett Properties.

She provides home interior advice as well as great buying and selling tips. Our favorite blog of Nicole’s is“Why Staging Can Help Sell Your Home in 2016.”This blog is a great source for understanding why staging and professional pictures are a must!

Here is a link to Melanie’s Real Estate Blog. Go check it out!

Julie Steigerwald – Colorado

Julie Steigerwald is a Real Estate Agent with Red Rock Realty!

She is doing a great job of giving her consumers awesome home advice and selling tips. Our favorite blog of Nicole’s is “How to Sell Your Home Quickly in 2016.” This blog is perfect for sellers looking to get it done QUICK!

Here is a link to Julie’s Real Estate Blog. Go check it out!


David Collins – Florida

David Collins is a Real Estate Agent with Red Rock Realty!

He is doing a great job of VIDEO BLOGGING. Our favorite blog of David’s is “Why Terra Vista is One Of The Best Planned Communities in Florida.” This blog is a great example of adding a video to your blog and targeting your consumers!

Here is a link to David’s Real Estate Blog. Go check it out!


Lindsay Landis – Kansas

Lindsay Landis is a Real Estate Agent with Hedges Real Estate!

Her blog is looking great! She puts her own twist on topics and makes them fun to read. Our favorite blog of Lindsay’s is “4 Tips For an Effective Open House.”This blog touches on the basics of open houses and how they can help the seller.

Here is a link to Lindsay’s Real Estate Blog;, go check it out!

Kathleen Beasley – Florida

Kathleen Beasley is a Real Estate Agent with Charles Rutenberg Realty!

in her blog she includes content related to market analysis and our competitive market today, among other things. Our favorite blog of Kathleen’s is “Buying and Selling in a Competitive Market.” This blog gives tips to both buyers and sellers!

Here is a link to Kathleen’s Real Estate Blog. Check it out!


Thank you to Bill Gassett and Kyle Hiscock for alerting us to the Google algorithm guidelines that reward real estate blogs with an average word count of 2,100 words!

As our way of saying thank you for taking the time to read this blog, we invite you to a FREE, 55-minute, NO PITCH, one-on-one coaching call with a Club Wealth coach! Request your Strategy Session!

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Myth: “Writing blogs for Real Estate is hard, time consuming, and doesn’t work anyway.” Fact: Consistently writing blogs is easy, quick, and profitable!