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The Daily Team Huddle will:
  • Streamline communications with team members (including the team leader).
  • Provide daily motivation, training, and accountability.
  • Who: All team members and lenders attend.
  • When: 7:30 a.m. (most effective time)
  • Where: or GoToWebinar
Real estate teams today face a number of challenges involving (but not limited to):
  • Inefficient use of time
  • Lack of or inefficient systems
  • Lack of tracking and accountability
  • Lack of Training
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Poor Communication
  • Weak or no culture
  • And more…


    Fortunately, these and other challenges can be easily solved, and productivity and profits increased, with the implementation of a Daily Team Huddle.

    At the risk of oversimplifying, a 20-30 minute call each day can easily make a 20% difference to your bottom line at the end of the year! Ask yourself, “Is my real estate team as efficient as it could be?”

    As the team leader, do you know what is going on with most of your team’s transactions? The wants and needs of your team members?  The Huddle gives you the opportunity to know and learn all of these things in an easy, 20-30-minute session with your team every morning!

DAILY Team Huddle

    Holding your team huddle on a DAILY BASIS is CRITICAL to keeping everyone on the same page and dramatically reducing daily interruptions for you, your assistant, and other team members.

    Think about it: Throughout the day, the team leader and especially the administrative team members are interrupted with tasks and questions that aren’t critical. Such things can wait until the following Huddle.

    The Huddle also helps everyone start their day on time! By hosting the Huddle every morning at the same time (We do ours at 7:30 a.m.), you ensure that your team is up and ready to go for the day.


    This checklist includes what you should be talking about in your huddle (and what you should never omit)!

Who Should Attend?:
  1.    Team Leader
  2.    Listing Agents
  3.    Buyer’s Agents
  4.    Admin Staff
  5.    Listing Coordinator
  6.    Transaction Coordinator
  7.    Lender
Why Should They Attend?

    Team Leader – There is no better way to know the pulse of your business than to participate in the Daily Team Huddle. Harvey Mackey calls this “walking the factory floor.” You simply must MUST keep regular contact and be ‘present’ for your team.

    Because the daily team huddle is done by webinar or by phone, you and your team members are able to participate from anywhere in the world!

    Listing Agents – Tired of your listing packets being incomplete? Need to tell the listing coordinator about that call you just had with an angry seller? There are TONS of reasons why you and the team will benefit from your participation in the Huddle.

    As a Team Leader (yes, listing agents are natural team leaders and need to provide an example to other agents on the team) your presence on the calls is invaluable.

    You’ll be able to tell buyer’s agents about ‘coming soon’ listings, price reductions, and more. The Team Leader (and other team members) are also counting on your example of consistent prospecting and its accompanying success to motivate and inspire them to do better!

     Administrative Team – Do other team members interrupt you throughout the day? Is the team leader wearing you out with calls, emails, texts and other forms of communication that remove you from the task at hand? Have you been praying for help and relief? The Daily Team Huddle (and the use of Trello) are the answer to your prayers!

    By limiting distractions and interruptions throughout the day, you will get far more accomplished! Think about it; each time a call from a co-worker comes in, you must:

  1.    Stop what you are doing
  2.    Focus on the call
  3.    Take action on their request
  4.    Return to what you were doing


    Each time, it takes notable, precious minutes (and sometimes longer) until you are back focused on the task you were working on before that person interrupted you!

    Next time someone interrupts you (including the Team Leader), ask them the following two questions:

  1.    Can this wait until tomorrow morning’s Huddle?
  2.    If so, will you please add it to my Trello?


    If the Team Leader wants to interrupt you, say, “Is this an emergency, or can you add it to Trello so I can get to it when I am finished with what I am working on?”

    Buyer’s Agents – Tired of not knowing what’s going on with your transactions? Would you benefit from having your Team Leader, lender, and administrative support team in a group conversation about your pending transactions and what needs to be done to get them closed?

    Of course you would! Too often, as a real estate buyer’s agent, you are overwhelmed with the need to call assistants, lenders, listing agents, buyers, inspectors, appraisers, title companies, escrow companies, attorneys, and others among the 48 people who touch the average real estate transaction.

    Imagine a world where you can handle 90% of the necessary communication on each of your transactions in a single call, and in a way that ensures there is no miscommunication and that all parties are getting the same accurate and necessary information at the same time!

    Lenders – Tired of trying to get agents to send transactions your way? Are agents wearing you out with requests for financial contributions, but can’t seem to fill you in on transaction details or respond when you have borrower issues to go over with them?

    The Daily Team Huddle will provide you the forum to solve these issues! Imagine a world where you are a true partner to the real estate agent’s team, where you participate in the Huddle and are able to update the Team Leader, transaction coordinator, and buyer’s agents on borrower and loan status at the same time!

    No more calling over and over again trying to reach agents who are virtually impossible to get a hold of. No more calling three different people and repeating yourself three different times regarding the same thing. You can and will be more efficient and more productive.

    You will deepen relationships with the buyer’s agents, team leader, and administrative team members (many of whom may also end up doing business with you!).

    You will be top of mind, get more referrals, and close more loans! There simply is no substitute for being a full and embedded partner to the real estate agents and team that you serve.


    No more having to repeat yourself multiple times in multiple conversations. No more wasted time making sure everyone knows what’s going on!

    What will you do with all that extra time finally liberated from unnecessary calls! Next time your assistant or team administrative members call you mid-day to ask you about a transaction, Ask the following:

  1.    Is this an emergency, or can it wait until our Huddle tomorrow?
  2.     If it can wait, will you please add it to Trello so we can discuss it in the Huddle tomorrow?


    Then, go back to making follow-up calls or whatever you were doing before the interruption.


    The Huddle allows you to highlight business events and to bring up questions, concerns, and great things that are happening! The question is, what should we be talking about?

  • Any big wins?
  • Discussion about open escrow, transaction troubleshooting.
  • New clients, not pending yet.
  • Buyer agency agreements recently signed.
  • Recent offers written up.
  • New, open escrow about which the team might not know.
  • Role play and do small training sessions as often as possible.
  • Find out what every team member wants/needs.


     Your Daily Huddle doesn’t have to be long. Again, a 30-minute call at the beginning of your day should suffice.

    This will ultimately lead to your time’s being worth more. As your DPH (dollars per hour) rises, you become more efficient with your time and inevitably WORK LESS!

    As the Team Leader, when you are making more per hour, SO IS YOUR TEAM!

    Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete blog without a download. This checklist includes what you should be talking about in your Daily Team Huddle.

As our way of saying thank you for taking the time to read this blog, we invite you to a FREE, 55-minute, NO PITCH, one-on-one coaching call with a Club Wealth coach! Request your Strategy Session!

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The Daily Team Huddle will: Streamline communications with team members (including the team leader). Provide daily motivation, training, and accountability.