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Here is a Money-Making Minute with Michael Hellickson on how lead follow-up is directly proportional to your monthly income!

Building Lead Generation: WHY?

The number of follow-up calls you make has a direct correlation with how much money you NET per month. Did you know that if you followed up on 20 lead calls per month, you could increase your income by $1000? That is an average of $50 per follow up call you make!

More follow up calls = More MONEY!

    The number one thing that separates successful agents and unsuccessful agents is follow-up! By using these tips, you can earn more profit per month and increase your yearly income!

How often should I be following up?

    You should be following up 3 times a day, for the first 3 days. Then 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks. Then 3 times for the next 3 months. Once you have completed this, you should keep them in your email list and send them drip emails.


According to these sales statistics, if you follow up, you could end up getting the client and listing their home! Also, you need to contact them multiple times to end up getting that sale!

    (You may have seen this image passed around the internet a time or two. Some say it contains false statistics. Regardless, KNOW THIS: YOU MUST FOLLOW UP QUICKLY, FREQUENTLY, AND POLITELY… Practice “Pleasant Persistence for Profit”!!)

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Here is a Money-Making Minute with Michael Hellickson on how lead follow-up is directly proportional to your monthly income!WHY? The number of follow-up calls