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Club Wealth® Coaches

At Club Wealth®, we have dedicated the last THREE DECADES to perfecting the Perfect Team Blueprint so you can shortcut the learning curve.

Club Wealth® provides five levels of 1 on 1 coaching targeted specifically to your current production levels and aspirations.

Monique Gilbert

Tier Two Coach

    A farm girl at heart and a lover of the great outdoors, a favorite quote of mine has been, “I’d rather spend 4 hours working outside than 1 hour cleaning house”. Though I really like to garden and just be outside, don’t mistake my outdoor preference to house cleaning as a tip that I don’t love houses! I absolutely love them!

    I have always been fascinated with different architectural styles and seeing the different ways people decorate (or don’t). I have been in sales and management for more than 20 years and a Realtor for almost 9 of them. I can’t think of a better job for me. I do work very long & odd hours. I work when others have time off, but it’s pretty flexible when it needs to be – as honestly my family comes first. I never get tired of going out on showings and seeing something new. I also love meeting new people and either getting their home sold for a great price in a timely manner, or seeing buyers’ faces when I find them the perfect match.

    If you are in the market to buy or sell and would like to work with an experienced professional in Mid-Michigan who is honest, friendly, and hard-working; you should give me a call!

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Why I am Qualified to be Your Coach...

As your real estate coach, I will continuously seek opportunities for professional growth and development to ensure that I can provide you with the best guidance possible.

My Perfect Client

My ideal client is ambitious and has a clear vision for their real estate career. They set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals and take consistent action to achieve them.

Why Choose Club Wealth®?

Our coaching programs are not just about achieving short-term goals; they are about building a strong foundation for long-term success in your real estate career.

Fun Fact

As a real estate coach, I have a hidden talent for impersonating different famous real estate personalities, which always brings a smile to my clients' faces.

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