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Join Michael Hellickson, founder/CEO of Club Wealth, and Giovanni Santa Ana, Associate Broker at Move4Free Realty, as they discuss how Roopler’s AI-Drive Lead Generation solution has exceeded expectations and delivered Giovanni and his brokerage quality, exclusive consumer-based leads.  



  • Exclusive City-Based Lead Generation: Brokers, teams, and agents can obtain leads within a chosen city based on select criteria that are exclusive to that particular account holder.
  • In-Depth Prospect Profiles: When agents work with Roopler, they get more than a name and contact information. Roopler’s AI-driven communication engages consumers in real-time conversations.
  • Ongoing Support: Signing up for Roopler is like onboarding a new team member—one who will work for you by nurturing leads 24/7.
  • Value Recovery: Roopler is more than a way to acquire and nurture rich new leads. Roopler also arms its customers with the functionality needed to resurrect old leads and recover their value.
  • ​Higher Conversion Rates: Roopler’s customers consistently reported a higher-than-average conversion rate.
  • ​Cost Effective: Built by and for brokers and agents, Roopler’s turnkey lead-generation system is competitively priced to ensure real estate professionals can partner with Roopler on a long-term basis.
  • Generates & Nurtures Leads: Most lead generation systems focus on the generation of buyer leads. At Roopler, we pay just as much attention to the generation of seller leads

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