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Local, regional, and national events coming to your area. Book early to reserve your spot!

Having a real estate career provides many people with a lifetime of personal and
financial freedom, unlike virtually any other industry!

Listing Agent Boot Camp™ 2024

Westin Westminster Hotel, Denver Colorado

Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, LABC™ is a two-day event that’s part conference, part mastermind. You’ll learn many key techniques, including the most effective marketing methods to attract Clients on a limited budget without cold-calling and how to use your product knowledge to stand out from other agents.

Join the hundreds of Agents and Broker Owners who flock to Club Wealth® Conferences to learn how to build their teams to go the distance and impact their market and achieve the lifestyle they are looking to build. Come Learn how to be a WORLD CLASS Real Estate Agent!

Half day Events

CRM, AI, and ISAs

Unleash your Real Estate Career’s Potential! Experience the electrifying fusion of CRM, AI, ISA, SOI, and automation, revolutionizing productivity, customer engagement, and business growth. Don’t miss this transformative opportunity to outshine your competition!

Leads, Listings and Leverage

Learn how to Increase your Listings from Michael Hellickson, one of the highest producing Listing Agents to ever list homes in America (120-180/month). Along the way, he will be sharing his failure and success stories that made him pivot his business to focus on leads and most Importantly leverage. He will be walking you through the systems that you MUST implement NOW, not only to keep the success but also to increase your significance.

Blueprint to Millions for Real Estate Agents

Discover personalized success strategies, guided by Club Wealth®’s industry expertise. Build a strong foundation, optimize your schedule, and explore advanced lead generation for real estate success and financial independence.

Unlock your real estate potential proven strategies that continue to work in today’s market. Build a solid foundation, optimize productivity, and master lead generation for lasting success and financial independence.

Building YOUR Foundation is Key to YOUR Real Estate Success! Learn proven strategies, build a strong base, and achieve financial independence in the industry

Leads, Listings, and Leverage
Leads, Listings, and Leverage
Leads, Listings, And Leverage
Leads, Listings, And Leverage
Leads, Listings, and Leverage
Leads, Listings, and Leverage
Leads, Listings, and Leverage
Leads, Listings, and Leverage

Guest Speaking

Club Wealth Member

Real estate teams are quickly taking over the industry. If you’re not growing a team or on a team in the next 5 years, you will likely struggle to succeed or even survive.

At Club Wealth®, we have dedicated the last THREE DECADES to perfecting the Perfect Team Blueprint so you can shortcut the learning curve.