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Club Wealth® Coaches

At Club Wealth®, we have dedicated the last THREE DECADES to perfecting the Perfect Team Blueprint so you can shortcut the learning curve.

Club Wealth® provides five levels of 1 on 1 coaching targeted specifically to your current production levels and aspirations.

Mark Daya

Tier Two Coach
   Trust is the foundation of any great relationship. When it comes to selecting a real estate broker, Mark Daya understands that client relationships are no different. With over fifteen years of real estate expertise, Mark brings the experience necessary to earn that trust, but it is his personal character and willingness to invest in his clients that ultimately earns their business.
   And he is not alone. Mark prides himself on having assembled a team of professionals that are ready to aid every detail of the buying and selling process. Mark’s client base is rooted in Anatolia, Sunridge Park, and Kavala Ranch, where he has personally lived with his wife and kids since 2006. However, as business expanded across the greater Sacramento region, Mark knew it was time to grow his team in conjunction. With brokers specializing in every area of the metro, Mark’s team is equipped to assist each client through an individualized process.
   If you are looking to buy, Mark will help you prioritize your wishlist and tailor a plan that fulfills it. You will feel confident working with someone who not only knows what is already on the market, but often what is coming. If you are looking to sell, you can trust that Mark’s team has mastered every aspect of real estate listing. From staging to photography to social media marketing, Mark knows that his upfront investment in your property’s presentation will be the key to a quick sale at a high price-point.
   Ultimately, you are paying for a service that is all inclusive. With so many buyer agents who offer little more than Zillow, and just as many seller agents who fail to execute a proper marketing strategy, it matters which professional is by your side. Buying or selling a home is no small deal. Your broker shouldn’t be either.
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Why I am Qualified to be Your Coach...

Together, we will embark on a transformative journey, and I am excited to witness your growth and success as a real estate professional. Let's begin this empowering journey together and make your dreams a reality.

My Perfect Client

Overall, my ideal client is someone who is passionate, ambitious, coachable, ethical, and committed to their real estate success. I am excited to work with clients who embody these qualities and are eager to take their real estate careers to new heights.

Why Choose Club Wealth®?

First and foremost, Club Wealth® offers a team of experienced and knowledgeable coaches who are dedicated to your success. Our coaches have a wealth of experience in the real estate industry and are equipped with the tools and strategies to help you overcome challenges and achieve your objectives.

Fun Fact

As a real estate coach, I'm known for my witty sense of humor and ability to make even the most complex real estate concepts entertaining and enjoyable for my clients.

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