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Massive Real Estate Open House

Planning a massive real estate open house that will attract 25-150 visitors is easier than you might think. It’s also an affordable AND profitable lead generation source! Open houses are like client events: they take planning! If you follow the checklist, you will be on the way to a massive turn-out! BONUS: We’ve added a sign-in sheet AND a quick open house summary checklist that comes with the larger checklist when you opt in!!



Massive Real Estate Open House

The first step to holding a massive real estate open house is to FOLLOW THE CHECKLIST! Following the step-by-step guide to making your open house as successful as possible is easy and will help you get a maximum return on a minimum investment. This checklist has been used by many top producers and has been modified and perfected based on first-hand experience. BONUS: We have added a shorter checklist and a sign-in sheet to the same download!



Coach Michael Hellickson explains in the video that the checklist can be personalized! If you don’t like or want to do something on the checklist, DON’T! You can and should personalize it.

Key Points
  • Most FSBOs list within 21 days!
  • 72% of FSBOs only interview one agent before listing the property!!
  • Offer to hold open houses for FSBO’s and NOT charge them!
  • If the house sells before the open house, STILL hold the open house! Take backup offers and/or sell visitors a different home.
  • Run a drawing for a $100 gift card! (Leverage your vendors by having them donate gift cards)
  • Post on your business and personal Facebook: new listings, just solds, sale pendings.
  • This is your chance to stand out from other agents: so make it BIG!!!

Two Weeks Prior – Pre-Open Checklist

Always remember that 66% of buyers and 72% of sellers work with the first agent they come into contact with! AND 80% of open house attendees have NO AGENT! This is your chance to shine and show people what it’s like to do business with you!

Picking your target home is the key to your success with an open house. Pick a home in a large neighborhood within a half-mile of a busy intersection or grocery store. The ideal home should be in a neighborhood near or connected to other neighborhoods. If there are more than three dominant agents in that area, pick another neighborhood. This is all about YOU and your brand. If you are in the market to sell $500,000 homes, you should hold an open house in a $500,000+ home. You can ask to hold an open house for another agent’s listing, if needed (We provide etiquette tips on this situation in the download).

Post on social media religiously! Video the home and post that video on Facebook and YouTube. Tell everyone the who, what, when, where and why of the open house.

Calling the neighbors 1-2 weeks in advance to let them know about the open house can give them a chance to tell friends and family about the house for sale near them!

One Week Prior

Syndicate daily on Zillow,, Trulia, MLS, and Craigslist. Omit details like bedrooms, bathrooms, price, or square footage. This leaves the home a mystery and gets people interested! Focus instead on things like the beautiful backyard and gourmet kitchen.

Have your buyer’s agents door-knock the 500 closest neighbors. This is a good way to advertise as well as to let people know what is happening. Let them know they are welcome to attend and to invite friends and family looking for homes in the area!

Day of the Massive Real Estate Open House

Dress for success! This is a job interview, so own it! The set-up of the open house should be an eye catcher. You will want to set up your table in the entryway or foyer, if possible. Do NOT set up in the kitchen unless you have no other option. Display your flags, balloons, and signs, making it very clear where the open is being held.

Be prepared. You will need to place 60-80 signs around the open house location. This is too much for one agent alone, so bring your lender! Place fifty percent of the signs at local intersections and stores, where allowed.

Your sign spinners (or mannequins) should be at the nearest large intersection, in order to attract lots of attention!

Always come early and prepared to set up before the open house starts. You may need extra time to prepare the home itself!

Open House Safety

Open house safety is something some of us overlook, and yet is very important to keep in mind JUST IN CASE. Always keep your cell phone on you, and establish a check-in schedule with friends, another agent/broker, or family. Make every attendee sign in with photo ID, and NEVER be alone at the open house.

AFTER the Open House

When finished, the house needs to look the way it did BEFORE you came in. Take down all signs, balloons, and flags. Before you leave the house, take a video of yourself in the house, thanking all of the attendees for participating! Don’t forget to turn off the lights and lock up the house as well.

As for the attendees, send them the video via text. You will want to set up an MLS/IDX search for them and send off. Make sure to follow up with all the attendees within 24 hours of sending the MLS campaign!


You are going to need various signs (2’x4′ if possible), arrows, balloons, and flags. You will need 60-80 signs per open house. In the download, find a list of companies from which you can order signs!



An alternative to sign spinners is a robot mannequin. For under $800, you too can have life-like, robot mannequins at your next open house!

For information on how to purchase a mannequin, Contact Us!

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