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When was the last time that you received a handwritten note from someone?  Do you remember how you felt when you opened that personal note? The warm fuzzy feeling from knowing that someone took special time from their day to write to you. You know that person cared.
Writing personal notes is a lost art in the real estate business, most other businesses, and frankly mankind in general!
Very rarely does someone take the time to sit down and hand write a personal note. This simple concept can have a HUGE impact on your business – and put a HUGE smile on the recipient’s face!
It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to dial in your sphere of influence and other referral type business.

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There is a system for how to make a profit with personal handwritten notes. It’s a system that is easy, fast, and requires only a little discipline on your part. That said, it will give you the biggest return on your invested time save dialing for dollars and client events.
How often should I write a personal note?
You should aim for 5 personal handwritten notes a day.  25 personal handwritten notes per week.
That sounds like a lot, but actually your assistant can help you with this. (Check out our blog: If You Don’t Have an Assistant, You Are One).
The 5 Step System for Personal Notes:
  • Your assistant addresses the envelopes to 5 people daily.
  • Your assistant tells you WHO to write personal notes to.
  • Your assistant lovingly places the notes on your desk.
  • You write the note and put it back in the envelope.
  • Your assistant will make sure they get the appropriate postage and mail them off.
What happens if you don’t write your 5 personal notes a day?
Your assistant will simply and gently place next stack of 5 personal notes on your desk.
Over time this is going to build up on your desk until you accomplish this task or you’re buried under an enormous pile of unwritten personal notes! lol
Take a few minutes out of your day and write your personal notes. Don’t let the task overwhelm you.
Having your assistant place the notes on your desk daily will give you that extra motivation to get the task done.
The Key Elements of a Great Personal Note:
  • Choose a nice envelope, ensuring that it looks and feels personal like a personal note or wedding invitation, not a business envelope.
  • Make sure that it is handwritten.
  • Use a first class stamp (No metered postage)
  • Hand write your return address (Do not use an address label) (Alternatively, use a cutsie label like a Snoopy or Charlie Brown label no business owner in their right mind would use).
  • Use a blue ink, broad tip pen.
  • Write 3-5 lines.
  • End with a unique close (never Sincerely).
  • Day, date, time and location of where you wrote the note goes in upper right corner.
Taking the time to follow these steps will deepen the personalization level of the note and show that you really care. It will help them understand you were thinking of them.
It doesn’t need to be a book.
This should be very simple. Remember, 3-5 lines.
Make it personal to them.
What Does It Mean to Use a Unique Close?
Don’t say “Sincerely”
Or “Respectfully”
Nothing too “business-like”
Make it something that is unique to you.
“Be World Class”
“Reach for the stars”
Something personal that you would use every day in your speech or writing.
It has to have your “brand” or “stamp” on it.
Remember, handwritten notes can be very effective ways to get closer to your sphere of influence. It also helps to get them to Know, Like, and Trust you.
Those three components are necessary for most people to do business with you.
What happens when you receive a personal note from someone else?
Send them a personal note back.
It shows them appreciation.
What happens when you get a Christmas card or Happy Birthday card?
Send them back a personal handwritten thank you card.
This is a way to show them that you appreciate them. There is no hidden agenda.
Don’t ask for a referral. It turns from selfless to selfish.
Whom should you write a personal note?
Send notes to other agents, vendors, lenders, clients, and anybody that you can think of that will help you build your business and brand and send a few to those who have absolutely chance of even helping you in any way.
What to write?
Here are 2 sample notes to get you started:
Sample #1
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019
5:04 am
Club Wealth World HQ
Sumner, WA

I just wanted you to know that Tara and I were thinking of you today! We enjoy seeing your posts on Facebook! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your upcoming trip to Europe!
You are World Class!
Michael Hellickson
Sample #2
3:25 pm
November 21, 2120
Club Wealth HQ
Bonney Lake, WA
Hi Tyler,
I wanted to take the time to thank you for stopping by my open house yesterday at 123 Main Street. I hope you found the information on local school districts helpful. I look forward to working with you soon.
Make it a World Class day!
Michael Hellickson
If you aren’t writing personal notes to your SOI, you aren’t showing that you care in every way possible. A personal note – handwritten by you – sent with a handwritten envelope and first class stamp – goes a long way. It beats a text or phone call any day of the week! So what’s holding you back?
Get to writing! Give it a shot! You’ll be glad that you did! 🙂



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