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Database Mining DONE-WITH-YOU Workshop EXPERIENCE

Club Wealth is hosting a 2 Day Intensive Database Mining Workshop LIVE ONLINE

This is over $5000 value that you are getting for $497!


100% Money Back Guarantee – You’ll put at least $5,000 of new business in your pipeline from this workshop for a 10x ROI within 30 days or you’ll get all your money back. * This is a “virtual” workshop limited to 12 people over Zoom. Are you a real estate agent looking to re-connect with your neglected database? Let’s work together on Zoom to just get it done. Now is the time to “shift” your marketing focus to your sphere, past clients, nurtures, and existing relationships by staying in better touch with timely guidance and advice. You may have delegated or ignored this in the past. No longer. It’s time for you to step up and take personal ownership of your lead generation and conversion – no one on your team is as talented as you at this. Nothing becomes more critical to success in a shifted market than finding motivated buyers and sellers and closing them to an appointment (now virtually), even if that appointment only earns their promise to hire you when they are finally able to buy or sell. “It it’s to be, it’s up to me and I need leads coming straight to me”, they say. It’s starts with a clean and organized email list combined with helpful, authentic messages for immediate response that deliver a clear return on investment. I’d like to invite you to a 3-hour implementation workshop where you’ll actually get all this done. Yes, that’s right – we’ll get it done. We will implement during the workshop. That’s what makes this different. This is a true a workshop – not a seminar, conference, mastermind, or training. There are a lot of methods competing for your dollars to find new business (cold calls, PPC, geo-farming, referrals, auto-dialers, AI, Instagram, open houses, high-end video, etc). Anything that’s not tried and true must be cut. But good news… Your lowest-cost business is already sitting in your existing database – untapped. I’ll help unlock that for you. Let’s get helpful, relevant messages to them now. You won’t risk a penny with us to do it either. I guarantee you’ll put $5,000 of new business in your pipeline from this workshop within 30 days or you’ll receive a complete refund. I’ve written a simple marketing plan with 3 action steps that’s exactly what we need to do so people in your database start calling you to talk business. This will fill your pipeline. We’re going to host this workshop on Zoom given the state the pandemic. Honestly, I think it’s more effective. You’re on your computer, too, and we can get the work done together at the same time. It’s limited to 12 people. That’s it. I will answer your questions and interact with you like a real, in-person workshop. My teaching assistant(s) will be in attendance to get the work done with you during the workshop together. I have two goals by the time we’re done with the 3-hour workshop: First, you’ll leave with a complete “36 touch” marketing plan to use video and social media at the highest level that generates continued low-cost business for you from repeat clients, referrals, and improved lead conversion. You need clear and measurable ROI. I can deliver that. We’ll get the messaging just right, too, for what’s going on now with the pandemic so you’re relevant. Second, you’ll have a Facebook ad live targeting your current database generating inbound messages and an email sent to your newly clean and de-duplicated email list with responses you can work for conversations that lead to opportunity. In a shifted market, personal branding alone without a lead generating message won’t get you the motivated leads you need. We will combine both for you. We will get all this done in 3 hours. My expert staff will call you for a preparation call before the workshop. We’ll get what we need in advance (photo of you, contact information, etc) so we’re all prepared to get the work done when class starts. Here’s the agenda: #1. Export your current email list(s) so it’s all in once place You’ll export all your contacts from your CRM(s), addresses book, mobile phone, email provider, and more. We’ll de-duplicate them, clean them up, and load them into an email marketing program to send them all an email message you approve that’s empathetic and warm. We’ll also upload your list to Facebook so we can advertise to them for $5 a day to start conversations with very effective Messenger ads. GOAL: We will have your cleaned-up database ready to email and loaded into Facebook as a “custom audience” ready for advertising. #2. Email them a reconnect message w/ a FB retargeting ad You’ll personalize a re-connect email template I wrote that works very well in class. It’s timely for right now. We’ll load it up into the email marketing program, send you a proof, and we press send in class! The email comes from you with your branding. We’ll share the responses coming in during class together. It’s very exciting. We’ll also post it as a Facebook advertisement with your photo optimized for Messages so people start conversations with you in their news feed. You’ll get responses right away. Homeowners and buyers have questions – you will be there to answer them. GOAL: We will send the reconnect email to your database and run it on Facebook for leads via Messenger. #3. Start a 36 touch nurture plan with video, direct mail and social media You’ll learn now how to shoot a simple Q&A video from your webcam on a topic people want. We’ll script your first video based on what your ideal clients are searching for on Google. The #1 search term is “Are home prices dropping?” You’ll also get tips on how to sound and look great. You’ll understand the strategy to start sending out 2 videos a month to your database to stay in touch, knowing what to say for your first video. You’ll also get a personalized sales message to go on the back of your video postcard so you can touch your database once a month with direct mail, too (very powerful, more than ever). You’ll answer “Why would they want to contact you in this market?” and “What would they get if they did?”. Goal: You’ll have your first video script done with a sales message written to go on your postcard and website. You’ll leave the workshop with a helpful and relevant marketing plan to stay in better touch with the latest technology – and best of all – immediate, legitimate responses generated during the workshop to put at least $5,000 of new business in your pipeline. People need your help. We’ll get it done. This is a workshop. 100% Money Back Guarantee – You’ll put at least $5,000 of new business in your pipeline from this workshop for a 10x ROI within 30 days or you’ll get all your money back. Register now. We’ll call you within 1 business day for an intake call so we’re prepared for the workshop. We’ll get what we need from you so everything is smooth when it’s time to get to work. If you like your initial results (and the experience working with us), and you wish to continue with us as a full Vyral Marketing client, you can apply the $500 ticket fee as a credit to your build fee within 90 days of the workshop. Tickets are non-refundable after 30 days before the workshop. You can transfer them, however, to any future workshop we hold within 1 year of purchase.

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