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Wealth Notes

Hey Club Wealth family. It’s almost May, meaning you’re likely busy to the nth degree. Keep pushing for success, and you’ll find it. We’re hosting a Recruiting Challenge webinar on Thursday, May 12th from 8am-12pm Pacific Time; top-level Club Wealth coaches will speak on a variety of topics geared towards getting YOU to be the best team-builder you can be as you scale your business and grow your team. Sign up at 7Recruitsin30Days.com! And tickets for Business Strategy Mastermind™ Conference 2022, which will be held from October 25-26 at the Sheraton Park Hotel in Anaheim, CA, are on sale now!!

Buyer Agents:

As a buyer agent, you must possess and maintain knowledge of all the streets, neighborhoods, businesses, school districts, politics, et cetera in your area, just as a listing agent must. In order to find good homes in areas that will suit your buyers’ wishes and needs, it’s not enough to hunt and peck on your MLS! Become your area’s expert, and clients will flock to you.

Team Leaders & Broker/Owners:

Be yourself. There’s no point copying someone else’s style unless you want to be them (which you never can be). Your style is yours, and it’s a great deal of what makes your brand unique and authentic. Of course you could create a new persona for yourself, but that takes work – plus it’s unnecessary, as long as you let your product and systems speak for themselves.


Work independently. It’s part of the job description to support the team and to collaborate, but when necessity calls, you must be able to address tasks without direction. In this way you can make yourself indispensable and put out fires before anyone else knows about them: There’s satisfaction to be found in that.

Listing Agents:

Follow up with your clients! Follow up with your sphere! Follow up with your SOI, far and near!

You are wasting valuable resources, time, money, and opportunity if you’re not tapping into your existing sphere and looking to expand it every chance you get. Keep an ear out for a special announcement about an upcoming Club Wealth challenge related to this!


Master the science of writing good job listings. You might have the best culture, splits, and team in the world, but if you don’t know how to present it in an employment advertisement, you’ll lose out on many wonderful candidates. Learn what works best on Indeed, WizeHire, LinkedIn, et cetera. As long as your team (“the product”) is great, once this system is in place no one will be able to stop you.


How to get into Your Mastermind Calls on Club Wealth University

Log into your CWU account; on your dashboard, scroll down to “This Week in Club Wealth”; hover your mouse over the right day and scroll down to the right time & session. Click yours, and you’re in!


Upcoming Events & News

We’re excited for Business Strategy Mastermind 2022, but until then we have a slate of events and activities planned. Apart from multiple podcast appearances for Michael and Club Wealth in the next months, we’re rolling out a series of online challenges, beginning with the Club Wealth Recruiting Challenge on May 12th from 8 am – 12 pm PDT. Join Coaches Jason Lash, Kyle Robinson, Amber Flynn-Jared, and Donnie Morrow, along with Club Wealth’s Michael Hellickson, Kara Hansen, and Zach Nelson and event affiliates, to learn how to quickly build an efficient real estate business. The “challenge”: make more new hires than any other participant in your tier range from May 12 – June 30, and win a trip to the Pacific Northwest! For more information and to sign up, visit https://bit.ly/RecruitingChallengeWD!


Club Wealth 2022 Calendar


A warm welcome to our newest Club Wealth members: Tahir Finley (Tier 1; Washington, DC), Kiva Kendrick (Tier 2; Prairieville, LA), Emilio Mercado (Tier 1; Meriden, CT), Temi Akojie (Tier 2; Capitol Heights, MD), Jeff Forshee (Tier 1; Tomball, TX), Carlyn Lowery (Tier 1; Annapolis, MD), Joshua Moore (Tier 2; Sevierville, TN), Larry Pettus (Tier 1; Russellville, AR), Sherry Wiggs (Tier 2; Dobbs Ferry, NY), and Jaimise Clahar (Tier 1; Lansdowne, PA).


We are excited to see how much more you can grow!


From the Blog

Learn how to follow up properly with prospects on our blog at ClubWealth.com.


Book of the Month

Made in America – Sam Walton

Quote of the Week

“My dad, Thomas Gibson Walton, was an awfully hard worker who got up early, put in long hours, and was honest. Completely, totally honest, remembered by most people for his integrity.” – Sam Walton

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What is Listing Agent Boot Camp?

Listing Agent Boot Camp™ is a 2-day experiential event that’s part conference, part mastermind. We have created a hybrid real estate event that combines the elements of a mastermind setting with on-site learning.

Business Strategy Mastermind Conference™

What is a Mastermind Conference?

A 2-day experiential event that’s a part conference, part mastermind. We’ve even included our Buyer Agent Boot Camp™ Experience exclusively for buyers agents!

Mastermind in Paradise™

What is Mastermind in Paradise?

An EXCLUSIVE 4-day event is full of Masterminding and Networking with top agents in the country. Enjoy growing your business while taking a break and relaxing! Only available to those in Tier 3 or higher.

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