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Club Wealth® Coaches

At Club Wealth®, we have dedicated the last THREE DECADES to perfecting the Perfect Team Blueprint so you can shortcut the learning curve.

Club Wealth® provides five levels of 1 on 1 coaching targeted specifically to your current production levels and aspirations.

Amber Santa Ana

Tier One Coach

Amber was born and raised in Northern Virginia and worked under the family brokerage for 6 years since she was 15 years old. Amber specializes in the property management side of the business. Her focus is delivering strong financial results, cost saving strategies, process streamlining, resource management, and excellent customer service.

Amber helped Club Wealth start its own youth club and put everything together. One of her favorite parts of youth club is mentoring and hosting events.

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Why I am Qualified to be Your Coach...

I have in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry, including market trends, property valuation, management, negotiation, and sales. With experience coaching and mentoring professionals, I’ve developed effective strategies to improve productivity, communication, and work ethic.

I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which enables me to motivate and inspire individuals to achieve their goals. My qualifications make me an ideal real estate coach to help you succeed in the industry.

My Perfect Client

I prefer working with clients who are coachable and open to receiving feedback, as this helps to facilitate their growth and development.

Why Choose Club Wealth®?

Club Wealth® provides a personalized approach to coaching, tailoring strategies and advice to each individual client’s unique needs and goals.

Fun Fact

I once had a virtual coaching session with a client while sitting in a hammock on a sunny beach. It was a fun and relaxing experience for both of us.

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