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Sarah Neal

Tier 1 Coach


Sarah has been selling real estate since the spring of 2009. She joined her mom Carol and together they opened Metro Brokers Connect. Listening to her clients is the key to being their guide in the home selling or buying purchase. Her clients use words like , “attentive, detailed, negotiator, caring, fun, and skilled.”
When Sarah is not serving clients she is trying to keep up with her 3 favorite little people. Graham, Andrew and Maggie make the Neal house hold lively and the days full of joy…well mostly! Brady her husband is an entrepreneur and king of the grill. They are actively involved in Northeast Baptist Church. She has a passion for Kairos10, the Pearl House and compassion international. Sarah believes; life is better shared, money is better spent on others, and working is best done when others are the beneficiaries. 

Carol and Sarah have a brokerage that they are actively growing and a team of 4 that serve the Oklahoma City Metro area. 

Why I am Qualified to be Your Coach...
I am a constant learner. I won’t ever arrive or be the smartest in the room. I am coached and understand the daily struggles that come with growth. So not only will we make a plan of action on every call so we are moving forward but we will be proactive in facing the excuses, self sabotage, and fear that comes during all growth journeys. Having been in real estate 11 years I am ready to help you achieve your goals in this crazy field!! 
My Perfect Client
Let’s be real, if you are an agent you love a challenge, are a little crazy, and probably have a little ADD. All I ask is that you want to grow and that you lean into the process.
Why Choose Club Wealth®?
Because it’s awesome! Seriously, agents coaching agents is refreshing, relevant, and has changed my trajectory. Let it change yours too.
Fun Fact
I really like pickles, sweet pickles, spicy pickles, sweet, dill, bread and butter, and of course fried!

1 On 1 Coaching

Club Wealth® provides five levels of 1 on 1 coaching targeted specifically to your current production levels and aspirations.

Group Coaching

Having coached roughly 60 of the top 200 agents in the world, and coached, trained, and consulted with thousands of others, Club Wealth® coaches…

Strategy Session

Our Strategy Session provides the answers to your questions about overcoming obstacles, hurdles, and the objections you face daily in the real estate industry.


Read and hear real-life testimonials about how our coaching system has helped thousands of people aspire to produce and earn more income in real estate.

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Listing Agent Boot Camp™

What is Listing Agent Boot Camp?

Listing Agent Boot Camp™ is a 2-day experiential event that’s part conference, part mastermind. We have created a hybrid real estate event that combines the elements of a mastermind setting with on-site learning.

Business Strategy Mastermind Conference™

What is a Mastermind Conference?

A 2-day experiential event that’s a part conference, part mastermind. We’ve even included our Buyer Agent Boot Camp™ Experience exclusively for buyers agents!

Mastermind in Paradise™

What is Mastermind in Paradise?

An EXCLUSIVE 4-day event is full of Masterminding and Networking with top agents in the country. Enjoy growing your business while taking a break and relaxing! Only available to those in Tier 3 or higher.

Monthly Challenges

Register to participate in monthly Real Estate Challenges with other agents around the country.