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Weekly Digest #13

The Weekly Digest

Wealth Notes

Hi, Club Wealth crew. With under a month until Listing Agent Boot Camp, we’re already jumping with excitement about seeing all of you in Denver and sharing significant and valuable knowledge on the systems and ideas we’ve picked up during this market boom and over our years in real estate. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet: join us in Denver from April 12-13 (more information below)!

This week’s advice:

Buyer Agents:

Be someone people like – but don’t try to be someone you’re not. The surest ticket to a buyer’s loyalty is your ability to deliver; however, in the interim you need to be able to get along with them, as you’ll be spending hours upon hours together. A safe way to broach a topic about which you’re unsure: bring it up in the conversation before assigning your opinion to it. For example, if you like to LARP, don’t start by saying how much you love it. Instead, mention how the park closest to the home would be a good place for it, if the clients are into such things.

Team Leaders & Broker/Owners:

See the world. If you run multiple branches, visit them! Even if not, perspective is a valuable intangible to gain. Become active within your community – and get out of the office from time to time.



Communication is your best friend. Communicating effectively will allow you to work more efficiently (you won’t need to redo or belabor tasks) and let other team members remain abreast of your progress, better allowing them to help you.

Listing Agents:

Stay focused. You undoubtedly have many tasks which need completing and are pulled in many different directions on any given day. Disorganization leads to distraction, leads to poor – or at least less efficient – results. Keep a list of top priorities in mind, and amend this list daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.



Treat your recruiting like marketing. Run attractive advertisements and publish sleek posts on social media. The ads and posts should underline your company’s culture and goals and communicate to potential hirees that your place is THE place to work.


How to get into Your Mastermind Calls on Club Wealth University

Log into your CWU account; on your dashboard, scroll down to “This Week in Club Wealth”; hover your mouse over the right day and scroll down to the right time & session. Click yours, and you’re in!


Upcoming Events & News

Listing Agent Boot Camp® 2022 is a month away! We are ready to deliver another exciting and informative experience. Speakers have been announced; if you haven’t already, get your tickets and see the agenda here.


Club Wealth 2022 Calendar


A warm welcome to our newest Club Wealth members: Katie Parish (Tier 1; Windham, ME), Tim Desmarais (Tier 2; Pelhan, NH), Allison Flatt (Tier 2; Apple Valley, CA), Anthony Santistevan (Tier 4; Arlington, VA), Stacey Stone (Tier 1; Manchester, TN), George Rice (Tier 1; Houston, TX), and Andrew Maire (Tier 1; Mesa, AZ).


Congratulations to our new coaches: Paul Wilson (Tier 1) and Lisa Norton (Tier 1).


And best wishes to our latest Tier move-ups: Linda Ojeda (Tier 3; Tier 2 Coach Linda Welsh), Lisa Norton (Tier 2; Tier 1 Coach Aaron Edwards), and Cinthia Ulloa (Tier 2; Tier 1 Coach Kelly Jackson).


We are excited to see you rise!


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Read about tripling your income in 89 days on our blog at ClubWealth.com.


Book of the Month

The Richest Man in Babylon – George S. Clason


Quote of the Week


“‘Perhaps there is some secret we might learn if we but sought from those who knew.”  – George S. Clason


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