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Weekly Digest #11

The Weekly Digest

Wealth Notes

Dear Club Wealth family: Welcome to March. It’s time to take stock of your goals and reassess, either redefining due to greater-than-expected progress (or the opposite) or realigning/refreshing your pursuit by incorporating new tasks, technology, or aims. 

Some tips to improve your numbers as we move into spring:

Buyer Agents:

Understanding a buyer’s motivations for buying will put you in a better position than otherwise to steer a successful sale. Once you understand this, you can confidently design a personal process which will keep the buyer with you, lead to a good purchase, and ensure, as much as is possible, that the buyer will become a repeat client and referral source.

Team Leaders & Broker/Owners:

Be open with your team members. If you’re hiding something from them that could be vital to the success or failure of the business, you’re only hurting the business and ultimately yourself. Not to mention it could make team members suspicious, even when suspicion is unmerited. Keep people updated! This means sharing your vision and the realistic roadblocks to realizing it.


Don’t fear or resent feedback. It can make you more efficient and ensure your activities best align with the company’s current goals. If you think the feedback is off-base, either ignore it and show the critic a better way to do things or give return feedback which challenges what was suggested.

Listing Agents:

Utilize your SOI. If your instinct is to separate friendship from real estate leads, fight it. Your SOI – including family, friends, and acquaintances – can be a significant lead source, if you allow it to be.



Build a seamless interview and onboarding process. This includes maximizing the effects of your spending within your recruiting budget and making candidates understand that you value them even before they are on the team. Be transparent and never sacrifice service for image – great service creates great image.


How to get into Your Mastermind Calls on Club Wealth University

Log into your CWU account; on your dashboard, scroll down to “This Week in Club Wealth”; hover your mouse over the right day and scroll down to the right time & session. Click yours, and you’re in!


Upcoming Events & News

Listing Agent Boot Camp® 2022 is about six weeks away! We are ready to deliver another exciting and informative experience. Speakers have been announced; if you haven’t already, get your tickets and see the agenda here.


Club Wealth 2022 Calendar


A warm welcome to our newest Club Wealth member: Linda Ojeda (Tier 2; Burbank, CA).

Congratulations to our newest Club Wealth coaches: Coach Malcolm Seals (Tier 1), Coach Jennifer Munoz (Tier 1), and Coach Ben Lang (Tier 2).

And best wishes to our latest Tier move-ups: Brenda & Chris Noffert (Tier 3; Tier 2 Coach Luigi Caprio).


We are excited to see you continue to grow!


We Are Club Wealth: Team Member Profile


Who are you?

Madison Hellickson

What do you do at Club Wealth?

I work in the marketing department and help with creating content, web development and accomplishing the marketing goals of the company.

What are your plans going forward with Club Wealth?

I am super excited to grow with this company as we reach our goals. I have already seen myself grow so much while being here. There are so many amazing people who work here who I am able to collaborate with and learn from. Although your job description may say one thing, you learn so many other skills along the way.

Describe your ideal day of work.

My ideal day of work is being able to see myself and others accomplish the things we set out to do that day. Being able to celebrate successes and seeing progress. You always have to have fun with what you are doing too.

What do you do outside of work?

I love to hike, play volleyball and soccer, and hang out with my family (which usually ends up being hiking or a movie)

What’s a fun fact about you?

I love rain!! And I recently returned to Washington after living in Utah for 1.5 years


From the Blog

In preparation for the opportunity at LABC to become USDA REO Certified with Dawson’s Management, read about building your REO dream team on our blog at ClubWealth.com.


Book of the Month

The Richest Man in Babylon – George S. Clason


Quote of the Week


“Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition.”  – George S. Clason


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Listing Agent Boot Camp™

What is Listing Agent Boot Camp?

Listing Agent Boot Camp™ is a 2-day experiential event that’s part conference, part mastermind. We have created a hybrid real estate event that combines the elements of a mastermind setting with on-site learning.

Business Strategy Mastermind Conference™

What is a Mastermind Conference?

A 2-day experiential event that’s a part conference, part mastermind. We’ve even included our Buyer Agent Boot Camp™ Experience exclusively for buyers agents!

Mastermind in Paradise™

What is Mastermind in Paradise?

An EXCLUSIVE 4-day event is full of Masterminding and Networking with top agents in the country. Enjoy growing your business while taking a break and relaxing! Only available to those in Tier 3 or higher.

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