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Jeff Moore

Tier 2 Coach


I LOVE Colorado. I am a Colorado native and grew up in the mountains in Conifer. I have been in real estate for over 10+ years now. I started as a laborer throwing the hammer on flip properties for an investor and quickly learned how to find and acquire investment properties while attending the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. This experience was vital and it has provided me an education that I have shared with all of my clients. I know what goes into a home and what to look for.

Real estate is one of the best investments anyone can make towards building their wealth. So its important to take care of that process and be sure to do it right!

I grew up playing soccer at a high level and was recruited to play in college. My plan was to pursue a professional coaching career and have coached with all of the major youth clubs in the area. I have a United Sates Soccer Federation (USSF) A License and a National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Premier License. I had the privilege to work with a professional women’s soccer team and players who have played on the international level. This experience has served me so well in my real estate career as I have a consultative approach and love to educate people towards a great decision.

I am a Club Wealth® professional real estate coach and have coached agents from all over the country. This honor has helped me build a great team locally and help agents succeed at very high levels. This has been my calling and true joy in life to help others achieve their goals!!

I have a beautiful wife Gretchen and 2 amazing kids, Olivia and Lukas. We love the Colorado lifestyle and spend most of our time outside kicking a ball, climbing or skiing. I am committed to growing and improving. I believe in the core values of checking your ego, being learning based and seeking solutions. We put our clients’ needs ahead of our own and will do what’s right even if its painful!

Thank you for allowing us to serve!

Why I am Qualified to be Your Coach...
It was in me from day one of coaching soccer. My background in coaching education has served me well to help others. A great coach doesn’t tell but shows and helps their student self-discover the path. An empowered person with support has the ability to conquer and lead.
My Perfect Client

My ideal coaching client is someone who is very coachable and loves to take action. I love seeing agents turn to business owners and push their skills from the battle field to leadership. This takes a mindset of learning, checking your ego and thinking long term. Love working with this group and using technology to help leverage them towards this life.

Why Choose Club Wealth®?
Clubwealth is a fantastic choice because it allows someone to be them selves and grow. There are lots of great coaches that run their businesses at a high level their way. So you can learn directly from someone who is doing what you want to do at a higher level. Think about talking to your future self. What would that be worth.
Fun Fact
I have a black belt in Karate and Have a A Soccer Coach license.


“Questions and Closes,” “Iceberg,” and “The Art of Persuasion” Downloads


1 On 1 Coaching

Club Wealth® provides five levels of 1 on 1 coaching targeted specifically to your current production levels and aspirations.

Group Coaching

Having coached roughly 60 of the top 200 agents in the world, and coached, trained, and consulted with thousands of others, Club Wealth® coaches…

Strategy Session

Our Strategy Session provides the answers to your questions about overcoming obstacles, hurdles, and the objections you face daily in the real estate industry.


Read and hear real-life testimonials about how our coaching system has helped thousands of people aspire to produce and earn more income in real estate.

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Listing Agent Boot Camp™

What is Listing Agent Boot Camp?

Listing Agent Boot Camp™ is a 3-day experiential event that’s part conference, part mastermind. We have created a hybrid real estate event that combines the elements of a mastermind setting with on-site learning.

Business Strategy Mastermind™

What is a Mastermind Conference?

A 3-day experiential event that’s a part conference, part mastermind. We’ve even included our Buyer Agent Boot Camp™ Experience exclusively for buyers agents!

Mastermind in Paradise™

What is Mastermind in Paradise?

An EXCLUSIVE 4-day event is full of Masterminding and Networking with top agents in the country. Enjoy growing your business while taking a break and relaxing! Only available to those in Tier 3 or higher.

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Having coached roughly 60 of the top 200 agents in the world, and coached, trained, and consulted with thousands of others, Club Wealth® coaches…

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